Paulette Pipe, Podcaster

Jamee rocks! 

I must have told her that a million times…because it’s true! 
We have never met in person, yet having Jamee as my virtual assistant has made an impactful difference to me and my organisation. As a solo-entrepreneur, it’s been a huge bonus to have what feels like a trusty and reliable teammate on board, with whom I can collaborate on projects relating to my podcast.

Her ‘superpower’ is her organisational skills, which help keep me on track. Jamee is also very professional, thorough, flexible, thoughtful, and great fun to work with.

Everyone should be as blessed as I am to have a Jamee Thumm on their team…  because she rocks!


Uma Girish, Author

What I do in the world today is only possible because Jamee is on my team.


I absolutely adore working with Jamee. She is smart, responsive, communicates extremely well, and keeps my business running smoothly.

One of the qualities I most love about Jamee is her reliability. When I assign a task to her, I can rest knowing that it’s in trustworthy hands.

It’s hard for me to encapsulate in words how fortunate I feel that Jamee showed up in my world! I’m grateful for her, every single day.


Janet Conner, Author

A virtual assistant is the essential cornerstone in the online world of business and social media. The right VA makes the whole thing look so smooth and attractive.

I am blessed to work with Jamee Thumm, who is talented, responsive, tech savvy, and a joy to work with.


Jamee handles research, my podcast and upcoming youtube platform, and social media. She converts my newsletters to blogs and populates the complex resource pages for all my events. She even creates thrilling graphics.

I cannot recommend Jamee highly enough.


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March of Dimes - Merit Award