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Editing Services

Your story is finished but you need help making sure it shines.

I offer a variety of editing services to make sure readers pay attention to your characters and plot, not finding errors and inconsistencies.


Line & Copy Editing

Your manuscript is finished, but you need help making sure it shines.

I can strengthen your writing, make sure it's consistent, and correct problems with grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Rates start at $0.03/word

Image by Avel Chuklanov


You've had your manuscript edited and need a final check before publication.

I can check your manuscript for stubborn typos and lingering errors in text or formatting. 

Rates start at $0.025

Join My Waitlist

I am currently booked. To be notified when openings occur for Editing, please provide your information below. Joining my waitlist does not guarantee an opening or obligate you to sign up. 

Thank you for joining my waitlist!
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